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Instagram tips to make great marketing campaign!

Posted by on Feb 11, 2016 in Instagram Tricks | Comments Off on Instagram tips to make great marketing campaign!

Instagram will soon eclipse all social media platforms. Some companies these days, even before going into the technical details of getting the site are made rather to test the market on Instagram, thanks to the unprecedented commitment on this platform. When I got to the platform, I was surprised by the quality of the official private instagram viewer and  images. They were beautiful! And I spent time on it, I realized that Instagram is more than pretty images. Instagram is a perfect tool for businesses that are struggling to focus on market.001

  1. Increase number of the followers

It is easier said than done. Winning the first 500 followers on Instagram is the biggest problem you will face. How to do it? Give people a reason to follow you. One of my clients had its own range of treatments. As part of its digital marketing campaign, I used to share tips for skin care and home remedies every day on all platforms. So I wrote in organic “Follow Daily Beauty Tips”. I hit the right spot with this because I made sure to give people a track of where they will learn something new every day.

  1. Post quality pictures

Post pictures that are clear or probably with a filter. It gives the impression of an attractive image and gives it a subtle effect adding angular features. You do not need to have a digital SLR camera for the perfect picture, but a decent smart phone camera is necessary.fdr

  1. Create a logo

Put a logo on your photos so that when people repost your creativity / competition / Gift your brand is distributed among thousands of their friends and thus automatically creating content that is shareable.

  1. Ideal time for posting

Post when you think your target group will check their accounts. As students get between 3-4 hours and on weekends, for those companies between 5-6 hours and on weekends. Companies usually display on the weekend, but believe me many people become very active on social platforms on Saturday and Sunday, so use it wisely!


  1. Influence Marketing:

Do not work with influencers, because there is a lot of clutter filtering. Choose only a designer / blogger / celebrity if they have more than 10k-20k followers (believe me, there are many on the market at a good price) and obviously someone who can represent your brand better. Why choose someone who is in charge of the same amount, but with few followers?


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How quickly to expand the village in Clash of Clans

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Clash of Clans | Comments Off on How quickly to expand the village in Clash of Clans

With this guide we will reveal how to quickly expand the village in Clash of Clans and develop an unbeatable outpost that can accumulate great deal of resources. Still, the best method is coc cydia hack, but before we apply all the techniques you need to understand how quickly to expand the village Clash of Clans. This term is called “farm” from “farm” which means to accumulate resources in a systematic and massive way”. But what lies behind this complicated phrase?
Simply “to farm” in Clash of Clans means to attack in order to steal resources regardless of trophies you earn or lose. To farm intelligently and get the amount of resources with little effort you will need to attack opponents who have a lower village to yours. But to do this 99% of the time you will need to go down the League.
We will give you an example to make you understand better. Let’s say you have all the troops of level 4 and a good defended village. Probably you can get as high as 2,000 trophies, but know that it would be more difficult to defeat opponents. This is because you attack villages with your own power or even more ‘stronger than you. That’s why we tend to fall trophies by losing them at will.

One way to get out of trophies quickly is to attack more villages. The other thing you absolutely must do is to aim to defend and not to allow your opponents to reach your deposits.
To do this you will need to put the deposits in the center of the map and around all those defense elements. You should place Town Hall outside of the village, in order to allow deposits to be better defended by walls. Doing so, you will earn 12 Hours Shield that is very useful for the progress of construction!

The match-making system in the Clash of Clans uses the number of your trophies to find an enemy. When a player is still low level he does not have a lot of trophies. This way we can use this system to steer match-making to our advantage by lowering our trophies and get easy opponents. At this point, just create mighty army of Goblins! Goblins are perfect troops for this role and you’ll only need about 20-40 to raid least 30,000 gold and elixir from very poorly protected village.
In our next post, we will describe in details, how you can expand your base after successful raids Stay tuned and Clash on!

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Basic Guide to Archer Tower in Clash of Clans

Posted by on Oct 6, 2015 in Gaming Tips | Comments Off on Basic Guide to Archer Tower in Clash of Clans

One of the most important defensive structure in the Clash of Clans is Archer Tower that is one of the most common type of defensive line in the game. The archer Tower is really great defensive structure, it will provide you with extremely high DPS, but at the the same time it will give you a long range, with additional ability to target and to destroy ground and air troops.To build additional structures, you may try clash of clans triche 2015 and create a solid defence for your base.


At the beginning of the game you will rely on archer Tower as your primary defense line against endless barbarian assaults. Let this, for a moment take a look about basic statistics and upgrades that you can get in the game. Archer Tower is able to target only one enemy at the time, with attack speed of one attack per one second. That is not very fast, but at the same time, the Tower has a decent range of 10 yards, which is enough for creating a solid defense line. The best thing about archer Tower is a fact that this project is able to target both kind of units, air and defensive troops at the same time. At the beginning of the game that is especially important and you will rely on that ability until you develop more effective defensive structures in the game.


If you are looking to build more than one archer Tower, pay attention on building size, you will need 3×3 empty spaces to build one Archer Tower. You can compare basic statistics of this structure this thick of this structure with Cannon, another defensive structure that is important in the early stages of the game. The archer Tower has significant advantage, high DPS and a long range. The most important is the fact that Cannon can target only ground troops while archer Tower can provide you with a decent defense from all kind of enemies.

But, as any other structure overbuilding in the game, archer Tower also have certain strengths and weaknesses. It is very important to understand where to place it to gain maximum effect, while you are executing best strategies available for your level. It is, indeed, excellent all around structure that will keep your base safe and secure with its ability to hits air targets. One of the biggest weakness of this tower, is the fact that it is very fragile, it can be easily destroyed by barbarians or archers. To prevent your archer Tower from being easily destroyed you should place it near other defensive structures such as Cannons or Mortars at the later stages of the game.

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Hidden Instagram Tactics Revealed

Posted by on Sep 18, 2015 in Instagram Tricks | Comments Off on Hidden Instagram Tactics Revealed

If you are serious about your business, and you should be, it is necessary to present your product on Instagram. Successful Instagram marketing campaign can generate more sales than any other marketing trick you may imagine, therefore it is paramount to get free instagram followers 2016 that would ensure huge ammount of likes and, eventually sales!  We are giving you actual blueprint of instant Instagram success in few tips:


1.Create quality content – If you want to be successful in your Instagram campaign you must create quality content/quality photos for your daily posts. Try to learn how to create professional photos, learn how to edit them in photo editors like Photoshop or Lightroom and how to choose the best for your posts. That will require a little effort, but actually all you need is little extra time. There are many excellent online guides and tutorials to photography that can teach you how to create superb images for your daily Instagram posts.


2.Post once per day –  Or, we may say, post on Instagram at least once per day! Actually, statistics shows that most important aspect of online marketing is consistent presence in social media; therefore it is paramount to promote your product by posting at least once per day. Important fact about Instacgram is that Instagram does not use any algorithm for choosing the result of your search – which means that high quality daily posts are sure way of success!

3.Create interesting hashtags – It is not enough to create quality image and post it on Instagram. Hashtags are extremely important aspect of marketing of Instagram, they are actually “keywords” that can expose your photos to entire Instagram community. That is probably, the most unique feature of Instagram, if we compare it with other social medias. Hashtag should be simple and precise, a word that will present your product, or yourself perfectly. It seems that creative hashtags have a potential to become self-marketing tool, therefore try to find a perfect hashtag for your Instagram promotion.


4.Interact with other Instagram users – Do not forget that Instagram is a social medias, which means that it is supposed to connect different persons and share their experiences and interests. If you want to become successful on Instagram, you should try to interact with other users, develop genuine interest in their work, share their photos, keep your comments and you will also receive their feedback. This is one of the most important aspect of successful marketing on any social media, including  Instagram.


5.Photo contest! – It is not so hard to create a photo contest on Instagram by using hashtags, so you should think about opening a photo contest that can be related to your product or your brand. You are surely aware that some of the most popular worldwide brands used this feature and extremely successfully marketed their products. You should ask your followers to create interesting, original or even funny images that can present your product in some new, alternative way. If you decide to start photo contest, be sure to check Instagram blog for additional photo contest tips.


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J-Stars Victory VS Playstation 4 Review

Posted by on Aug 23, 2015 in Playstation 4 Game Reviews | Comments Off on J-Stars Victory VS Playstation 4 Review

J-Stars Victory VS is massive game with hundreds of great characters that will satisfy your inner hunger for action fighting games. Not just that, J-Stars Victory VS have some of the best enemy ever made in this game genre that you can try at once with free psn codes for Playstation 4/


At first glance,  -Stars Victory VS loks like your typical open world style brawler, but it stands apart from the rest of the games with sheer size of the game itself! The most insane feature in this game has got to be the character roster, where you actually have 39 fighters you can play as an additional 13 who are assist fighters. These heroes spin from Dragonball Z to Naruto, Bleach and tons more. Every character have amazing combat style and controlling this game is actually pretty straightforward. It’s based on the strong attack, light attack and special attack system. Every fight is a mix of few quick strikes and dodge away moves with power up as much as you can scheme. This system works really well, although it may look little too simplistic. Almost every single fight unfolds the exact same way and if you’re able to get in a good combo, sometimes the fight could be over before you even know it.


The matches themselves are very visually impressive as each character has their own crazy special attacks, but despite this each character basically fights the exact same way. Some fighters are a little more swifter, a little more sluggish, but if you basically master one character you’ve mastered them all. This is probably the biggest downside of the game. With so many heroes in massive back stories behind them you would expect a lot of variation, but instead what we get is a repetitive fighting pattern.

021You could try story mode that is actually a little bit strange part of the game. In this game mode God gives you a boat; yes the God gives you all boats you can sail around to get into trouble? Interesting story, you will certainly agree. Although, we do wish the combat was more complex it’s hard to deny that this game itself is a lot of fun. Victory Road is really what the game does best, it sets up fights that fans are going to love. The arcade mode is probably the best stereotypical fighting game made for Playstation 4 so far. Every level is extremly big and you will have a lot of fun just choosing the fighters for each level.

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Ultimate Clan of Clash Guide

Posted by on Aug 14, 2015 in Gaming Tips | Comments Off on Ultimate Clan of Clash Guide

Welcome to our most detailed and most effective online tutorial for Clash of Clans! If you’re looking for precise information that will help you to become a better player, you came to the right place, we will give you hints, tips and tricks about army compositions, strategies, clash of clans hack and resource management.

Let’s start from the beginning! When you start playing your game you will get a certain amount of gems. To be precise you will get 500 gems at the beginning of Clash of Clans. If you are following the tutorial you will use certain amount of gems, or 50 gems during the learning phase. Later in the game it is very hard to get such huge amount of gems, then they are very useful for crucial upgrades or buildings necessary structures. So, from the beginning of the game you should think how to save your precious gems and use them later in the game. We strongly advise you not to use those 50 gems in the tutorial, but use them later in the game. You should also consider the spend those gems to buy additional builder, which can be obtained only with gems.

With additional builder you will be able to construct your buildings much faster than with just one builder and you can progress much rapidly. To buy second builder you will need to 250 gems and to buy third builder you will need 500 gems. If you are very patient you can collect 500 gems in short period of time. When you are successful in saving your gems you should concentrate on developing basic Army. We noticed that one of the biggest mistakes that new players constantly committing is that they are trying to place high cost units in their armies. That is wrong. At the beginning of the game you should concentrate on low cost units like archers, barbarians and goblins. They are cheap and not expensive, so you will be able to replace them very easily. Do not spend your resources on buying expensive units, concentrate on creating huge armies with very cheap units.

You should also take into consideration the time of production, try to produce units with show to production time. On that way you will be more productive and more efficient in the game. Your main goal at the beginning of the game should be to save resources, and to use them wisely instead of spending them without any plan.

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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture PlayStation 4 Review

Posted by on Aug 12, 2015 in Game Reviews | Comments Off on Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture PlayStation 4 Review

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is very interesting game that will give you excellent entertainment for couple of days. The game itself is trying to make some new ideas and present them in fashionable way. It is of course very arguable if they succeed in that endeavor, but the game itself offers a lot of content to a casual player. You can play this awesome game easily with psn code generator apk and test your puzzle solving skills.

The game is telling the story of six different characters and their role in post-apocalyptic world. This is very interesting story and you will be impress with the depth of interaction of characters. The world Shropshire is completely devastated after some kind of disaster and you will start the game in some old village. First of all you will be very much impressed with the graphics in the game, it is very detailed and polished. The developers achieved perfection in creating village and extreme details. You will certainly enjoy in landscape and nature, lighting effects almost perfect. The game itself looks like some kind of exploration walking simulator in some sense more than the game. But, the game is much more, itself was designed as very complex game.

The gameplay is divided into the scenes that will lead you throughout huge area and wilderness. The whole gameplay is about solving the mystery-what happened with all the citizens on the world. The searching for missing civilization is through hints and investigation, so you will need to pay attention to many details in the game. The atmosphere in the game is excellent; you will be able to feel emotions in the air, while trying to compile pieces of broken history. The music in the game is decent, but our opinion is that developers could use better music tracks to create even more interesting atmosphere in the game. Themes and melodies sometimes too heavy and too long for explanation game.

Still, that is a decent in form of practical use, in certain areas you will be able to hear distant sounds and chilling melodies. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is trying to play with emotions, and the game is trying to provoke us in terms of uncertain future. It is not action oriented game, it is meant for something much more deeper. It is question, however, will developers succeed in that endeavor. Unfortunately, the gaming industry is more oriented to commercial titles that can bring a lot of money. If you want a game that offers something different, you should try Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture!

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