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Ultimate Clan of Clash Guide

Welcome to our most detailed and most effective online tutorial for Clash of Clans! If you’re looking for precise information that will help you to become a better player, you came to the right place, we will give you hints, tips and tricks about army compositions, strategies, clash of clans hack¬†and resource management.

Let’s start from the beginning! When you start playing your game you will get a certain amount of gems. To be precise you will get 500 gems at the beginning of Clash of Clans. If you are following the tutorial you will use certain amount of gems, or 50 gems during the learning phase. Later in the game it is very hard to get such huge amount of gems, then they are very useful for crucial upgrades or buildings necessary structures. So, from the beginning of the game you should think how to save your precious gems and use them later in the game. We strongly advise you not to use those 50 gems in the tutorial, but use them later in the game. You should also consider the spend those gems to buy additional builder, which can be obtained only with gems.

With additional builder you will be able to construct your buildings much faster than with just one builder and you can progress much rapidly. To buy second builder you will need to 250 gems and to buy third builder you will need 500 gems. If you are very patient you can collect 500 gems in short period of time. When you are successful in saving your gems you should concentrate on developing basic Army. We noticed that one of the biggest mistakes that new players constantly committing is that they are trying to place high cost units in their armies. That is wrong. At the beginning of the game you should concentrate on low cost units like archers, barbarians and goblins. They are cheap and not expensive, so you will be able to replace them very easily. Do not spend your resources on buying expensive units, concentrate on creating huge armies with very cheap units.

You should also take into consideration the time of production, try to produce units with show to production time. On that way you will be more productive and more efficient in the game. Your main goal at the beginning of the game should be to save resources, and to use them wisely instead of spending them without any plan.