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Instagram and Kids

Posted by on Aug 10, 2015 in Instagram Tricks | Comments Off on Instagram and Kids

Everybody loves children! Images of children and babies are one of the most liked and shared content on Instagram. If you include children or babies in your images, you will generate much more likes and followers then ever before. This time we will share few interesting tips that will help you in taking photos of children and babies and get more instagram followers free.

The first tip that we can give you is to make all session as a simple game! If children understand that this is just the game, you will take the best photos ever! Photographers use several tricks to engage kids and to keep them smiling. One of the most common is simply say “cheese’ or “smile”. If you can forget that you are actually trying to make a perfect Instagram photo and simply play with children, you will get much better results. You should be ready to capture the moment when working with children. In some sense it is very much similar like taking a photo of some sport event. You must catch specific moment in time.

Prepare your equipment, and simply follow what kids are doing, in some moment you will understand that you should take a photo, simply make a few clicks and wait for the next moment. If you’re looking with small children or with you must understand the world from their perspective. Do not try to engage them in your shooting for a long period of time. Try to be friendly smiling, but after all you must understand that they are small children. One of the most important things when it comes to making photo sessions with small children is timing. You must think in their timeframe. If you are making photo session with babies, the best time is in the morning. If you are shooting with kids or teens, the best time is after school.

Be sure that children are fully rested and well fed, then they will look satisfied on your images. Do not be too rigid or formal in such photo sessions, simply remember they will jump and run, cry and laugh all the time. Do not try to stop them in such endeavors, simply try to catch some of those moments with your camera.Taking pictures of small children and babies is a lot of fun! If you combine such images with your marketing strategy you will increase the number of likes and followers on Instagram almost instantly, because everybody love and share such pictures.

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Squares on Playstation Vita

Posted by on Aug 7, 2015 in Game Reviews | Comments Off on Squares on Playstation Vita

Squares is actually a mobile game that was originally released for android OS, and this time the game is ported on Playstation Vita platform. It is challenging and addictive game, that has very simple gameplay. It is perfect in a sense of puzzle solving, but it will also challenge you on many ways.

The game is very simple, you will just need to tap blue squares and avoid red squares. You will be able to double tap on the blocks and later in the game you will encounter specific blocks and gameplay becomes much more difficult. The goal of the game is to clear the screen of red blocksm so that only blue ones remain. It sound really simple, but if you start to play a game you will notice that game can be very challenging on later levels. You will definitely need a lot of patience to solve all 91 levels of the game, but it can be a real challenge for you. The game is sometimes very fast, and it will test you in quick thinking. That can be particularly hard and challenging from time to time. Music in the game is really nice, it is not distractive and it will relax you while you are trying to solve unsolvable puzzles.

Each level is specific with different patterns that you are supposed to remember. This short and interesting memorization option will keep you hooked and while you are trying to remember the proper sequence you will become absorb in the game. After you complete a level you can receive a reward –squariness, counterpart to stars in other games.

With squariness you can unlock additional levels and you can also skip the hardest levels if you have enough squares. If you pass level 91 you will unlock level editor that will allow you to make your own levels and exchange them with other players. It is quite difficult for players to unlock level editor after the whole game is finished, it would be much better that level editor is unlockable a little bit earlier in the game..
Squares is simple and fun game, but it is not easy to beat. It offers real challenge and dares you to finish it! Try to finish all 91 levels of this game and you can call yourself a good gamer!

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