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J-Stars Victory VS Playstation 4 Review

J-Stars Victory VS is massive game with hundreds of great characters that will satisfy your inner hunger for action fighting games. Not just that, J-Stars Victory VS have some of the best enemy ever made in this game genre that you can try at once with free psn codes for Playstation 4/


At first glance, ¬†-Stars Victory VS loks like your typical open world style brawler, but it stands apart from the rest of the games with sheer size of the game itself! The most insane feature in this game has got to be the character roster, where you actually have 39 fighters you can play as an additional 13 who are assist fighters. These heroes spin from Dragonball Z to Naruto, Bleach and tons more. Every character have amazing combat style and controlling this game is actually pretty straightforward. It’s based on the strong attack, light attack and special attack system. Every fight is a mix of few quick strikes and dodge away moves with power up as much as you can scheme. This system works really well, although it may look little too simplistic. Almost every single fight unfolds the exact same way and if you’re able to get in a good combo, sometimes the fight could be over before you even know it.


The matches themselves are very visually impressive as each character has their own crazy special attacks, but despite this each character basically fights the exact same way. Some fighters are a little more swifter, a little more sluggish, but if you basically master one character you’ve mastered them all. This is probably the biggest downside of the game. With so many heroes in massive back stories behind them you would expect a lot of variation, but instead what we get is a repetitive fighting pattern.

021You could try story mode that is actually a little bit strange part of the game. In this game mode God gives you a boat; yes the God gives you all boats you can sail around to get into trouble? Interesting story, you will certainly agree. Although, we do wish the combat was more complex it’s hard to deny that this game itself is a lot of fun. Victory Road is really what the game does best, it sets up fights that fans are going to love. The arcade mode is probably the best stereotypical fighting game made for Playstation 4 so far. Every level is extremly big and you will have a lot of fun just choosing the fighters for each level.