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Instagram tips to make great marketing campaign!

Instagram will soon eclipse all social media platforms. Some companies these days, even before going into the technical details of getting the site are made rather to test the market on Instagram, thanks to the unprecedented commitment on this platform. When I got to the platform, I was surprised by the quality of the official private instagram viewer and  images. They were beautiful! And I spent time on it, I realized that Instagram is more than pretty images. Instagram is a perfect tool for businesses that are struggling to focus on market.001

  1. Increase number of the followers

It is easier said than done. Winning the first 500 followers on Instagram is the biggest problem you will face. How to do it? Give people a reason to follow you. One of my clients had its own range of treatments. As part of its digital marketing campaign, I used to share tips for skin care and home remedies every day on all platforms. So I wrote in organic “Follow Daily Beauty Tips”. I hit the right spot with this because I made sure to give people a track of where they will learn something new every day.

  1. Post quality pictures

Post pictures that are clear or probably with a filter. It gives the impression of an attractive image and gives it a subtle effect adding angular features. You do not need to have a digital SLR camera for the perfect picture, but a decent smart phone camera is necessary.fdr

  1. Create a logo

Put a logo on your photos so that when people repost your creativity / competition / Gift your brand is distributed among thousands of their friends and thus automatically creating content that is shareable.

  1. Ideal time for posting

Post when you think your target group will check their accounts. As students get between 3-4 hours and on weekends, for those companies between 5-6 hours and on weekends. Companies usually display on the weekend, but believe me many people become very active on social platforms on Saturday and Sunday, so use it wisely!


  1. Influence Marketing:

Do not work with influencers, because there is a lot of clutter filtering. Choose only a designer / blogger / celebrity if they have more than 10k-20k followers (believe me, there are many on the market at a good price) and obviously someone who can represent your brand better. Why choose someone who is in charge of the same amount, but with few followers?