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Hidden Instagram Tactics Revealed

If you are serious about your business, and you should be, it is necessary to present your product on Instagram. Successful Instagram marketing campaign can generate more sales than any other marketing trick you may imagine, therefore it is paramount to get free instagram followers 2016 that would ensure huge ammount of likes and, eventually sales!  We are giving you actual blueprint of instant Instagram success in few tips:


1.Create quality content – If you want to be successful in your Instagram campaign you must create quality content/quality photos for your daily posts. Try to learn how to create professional photos, learn how to edit them in photo editors like Photoshop or Lightroom and how to choose the best for your posts. That will require a little effort, but actually all you need is little extra time. There are many excellent online guides and tutorials to photography that can teach you how to create superb images for your daily Instagram posts.


2.Post once per day –  Or, we may say, post on Instagram at least once per day! Actually, statistics shows that most important aspect of online marketing is consistent presence in social media; therefore it is paramount to promote your product by posting at least once per day. Important fact about Instacgram is that Instagram does not use any algorithm for choosing the result of your search – which means that high quality daily posts are sure way of success!

3.Create interesting hashtags – It is not enough to create quality image and post it on Instagram. Hashtags are extremely important aspect of marketing of Instagram, they are actually “keywords” that can expose your photos to entire Instagram community. That is probably, the most unique feature of Instagram, if we compare it with other social medias. Hashtag should be simple and precise, a word that will present your product, or yourself perfectly. It seems that creative hashtags have a potential to become self-marketing tool, therefore try to find a perfect hashtag for your Instagram promotion.


4.Interact with other Instagram users – Do not forget that Instagram is a social medias, which means that it is supposed to connect different persons and share their experiences and interests. If you want to become successful on Instagram, you should try to interact with other users, develop genuine interest in their work, share their photos, keep your comments and you will also receive their feedback. This is one of the most important aspect of successful marketing on any social media, including  Instagram.


5.Photo contest! – It is not so hard to create a photo contest on Instagram by using hashtags, so you should think about opening a photo contest that can be related to your product or your brand. You are surely aware that some of the most popular worldwide brands used this feature and extremely successfully marketed their products. You should ask your followers to create interesting, original or even funny images that can present your product in some new, alternative way. If you decide to start photo contest, be sure to check Instagram blog for additional photo contest tips.