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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture PlayStation 4 Review

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is very interesting game that will give you excellent entertainment for couple of days. The game itself is trying to make some new ideas and present them in fashionable way. It is of course very arguable if they succeed in that endeavor, but the game itself offers a lot of content to a casual player. You can play this awesome game easily with psn code generator apk and test your puzzle solving skills.

The game is telling the story of six different characters and their role in post-apocalyptic world. This is very interesting story and you will be impress with the depth of interaction of characters. The world Shropshire is completely devastated after some kind of disaster and you will start the game in some old village. First of all you will be very much impressed with the graphics in the game, it is very detailed and polished. The developers achieved perfection in creating village and extreme details. You will certainly enjoy in landscape and nature, lighting effects almost perfect. The game itself looks like some kind of exploration walking simulator in some sense more than the game. But, the game is much more, itself was designed as very complex game.

The gameplay is divided into the scenes that will lead you throughout huge area and wilderness. The whole gameplay is about solving the mystery-what happened with all the citizens on the world. The searching for missing civilization is through hints and investigation, so you will need to pay attention to many details in the game. The atmosphere in the game is excellent; you will be able to feel emotions in the air, while trying to compile pieces of broken history. The music in the game is decent, but our opinion is that developers could use better music tracks to create even more interesting atmosphere in the game. Themes and melodies sometimes too heavy and too long for explanation game.

Still, that is a decent in form of practical use, in certain areas you will be able to hear distant sounds and chilling melodies. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is trying to play with emotions, and the game is trying to provoke us in terms of uncertain future. It is not action oriented game, it is meant for something much more deeper. It is question, however, will developers succeed in that endeavor. Unfortunately, the gaming industry is more oriented to commercial titles that can bring a lot of money. If you want a game that offers something different, you should try Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture!