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How quickly to expand the village in Clash of Clans

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Clash of Clans | Comments Off on How quickly to expand the village in Clash of Clans

With this guide we will reveal how to quickly expand the village in Clash of Clans and develop an unbeatable outpost that can accumulate great deal of resources. Still, the best method is coc cydia hack, but before we apply all the techniques you need to understand how quickly to expand the village Clash of Clans. This term is called “farm” from “farm” which means to accumulate resources in a systematic and massive way”. But what lies behind this complicated phrase?
Simply “to farm” in Clash of Clans means to attack in order to steal resources regardless of trophies you earn or lose. To farm intelligently and get the amount of resources with little effort you will need to attack opponents who have a lower village to yours. But to do this 99% of the time you will need to go down the League.
We will give you an example to make you understand better. Let’s say you have all the troops of level 4 and a good defended village. Probably you can get as high as 2,000 trophies, but know that it would be more difficult to defeat opponents. This is because you attack villages with your own power or even more ‘stronger than you. That’s why we tend to fall trophies by losing them at will.

One way to get out of trophies quickly is to attack more villages. The other thing you absolutely must do is to aim to defend and not to allow your opponents to reach your deposits.
To do this you will need to put the deposits in the center of the map and around all those defense elements. You should place Town Hall outside of the village, in order to allow deposits to be better defended by walls. Doing so, you will earn 12 Hours Shield that is very useful for the progress of construction!

The match-making system in the Clash of Clans uses the number of your trophies to find an enemy. When a player is still low level he does not have a lot of trophies. This way we can use this system to steer match-making to our advantage by lowering our trophies and get easy opponents. At this point, just create mighty army of Goblins! Goblins are perfect troops for this role and you’ll only need about 20-40 to raid least 30,000 gold and elixir from very poorly protected village.
In our next post, we will describe in details, how you can expand your base after successful raids Stay tuned and Clash on!

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