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Basic Guide to Archer Tower in Clash of Clans

One of the most important defensive structure in the Clash of Clans is Archer Tower that is one of the most common type of defensive line in the game. The archer Tower is really great defensive structure, it will provide you with extremely high DPS, but at the the same time it will give you a long range, with additional ability to target and to destroy ground and air troops.To build additional structures, you may try clash of clans triche 2015 and create a solid defence for your base.


At the beginning of the game you will rely on archer Tower as your primary defense line against endless barbarian assaults. Let this, for a moment take a look about basic statistics and upgrades that you can get in the game. Archer Tower is able to target only one enemy at the time, with attack speed of one attack per one second. That is not very fast, but at the same time, the Tower has a decent range of 10 yards, which is enough for creating a solid defense line. The best thing about archer Tower is a fact that this project is able to target both kind of units, air and defensive troops at the same time. At the beginning of the game that is especially important and you will rely on that ability until you develop more effective defensive structures in the game.


If you are looking to build more than one archer Tower, pay attention on building size, you will need 3×3 empty spaces to build one Archer Tower. You can compare basic statistics of this structure this thick of this structure with Cannon, another defensive structure that is important in the early stages of the game. The archer Tower has significant advantage, high DPS and a long range. The most important is the fact that Cannon can target only ground troops while archer Tower can provide you with a decent defense from all kind of enemies.

But, as any other structure overbuilding in the game, archer Tower also have certain strengths and weaknesses. It is very important to understand where to place it to gain maximum effect, while you are executing best strategies available for your level. It is, indeed, excellent all around structure that will keep your base safe and secure with its ability to hits air targets. One of the biggest weakness of this tower, is the fact that it is very fragile, it can be easily destroyed by barbarians or archers. To prevent your archer Tower from being easily destroyed you should place it near other defensive structures such as Cannons or Mortars at the later stages of the game.